Take control with Picnic ScoreTM.

People do not understand how online information is used against them. This simple premise is backed by data: more than 90% of successful cyber breaches rely on social engineering to access privileged systems.

No matter how much hardening a company does to infrastructure, the “Human OS” remains a very hackable target.


Where is the problem?

IT and cybersecurity professionals have long referred to user-created errors as “PICNIC” problems — a “Problem in Chair, not in Computer”.

Picnic protects those users in the chair more effectively than security awareness training and phishing simulations. While those approaches can reduce the effectiveness of less-sophisticated social engineering attackers, they do not prevent attacks from occurring or reduce the effectiveness of more sophisticated attackers.

Enter Picnic.

Picnic is a cybersecurity firm that stops social engineering attacks before they start. We are backed by leading institutional investors and a top-flight team of advisors and experts.

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